Monday, January 14, 2013

Spam/Vienna Sausage + Rice x DJ Mark Maiden

You can find Mark spinning at the local joints in the East Bay and SF. 

You can find more about him and his crew, the Rockit City DJ's on their website: or on their Facebook page, here:

Thanks for your contribution, Mark!

Per Mark:

I'm gonna suck at this, cause i don't cook at all.

But I used to make rice in the rice cooker and add cubed spam or
sliced Vienna sausages before hand and when it cooks, and you scoop
the rice, there is a special surprise every time.

The story behind it was as a young boy in the Philippines, luncheon
meat and Vienna sausages were almost equal to caviar or something,
(also sardines).  It was imported from the united states so it must be
good, and that would be dinner sometimes cause our nanny would put it
out for us thinking they were feeding us super gourmet foods.

Peace, Phil!

p.s. and Heinz ketchup.

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