Thursday, January 26, 2012

Granola from Nikki via Marcia

Yet another recipe from Nikki by way of her Mother-in-Law, Marcia.
Thanks for the granola Nikki and Marcia!

(Recipe after the jump...)

Mom's Lasagne from Nikki

A lasagna recipe from the mom of SHM extraordinaire, Nikki.

Mom's Coffee Cake from Nikki

Here's a Coffee Cake recipe from my friend Nikki's mom.  Nikki is a fellow ShrunkenHeadMan/SJSU Illustration alumni, food friend, and all around good people. 

Her sketches can be seen here: and her portfolio, here:

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Chicken Adobo x Phil

Backstory: "Not Everything's in Manhattan"

Chicken Adobo is one of the very first things I cooked after moving to New York. After realizing no one was gonna cook for me, (read: no parents around) I wanted to try something that tasted familiar. Made for my friend Thuy's friend's potluck, I packed it in a heavy Pyrex container and lugged into to the given address in Manhattan. ...Only to find that, when I got there, the address I was *supposed* to be at was a BROOKLYN address. So I had two choices: either I could take the Adobo home, eat it all by myself for the next month and end up resenting the dish, or find the correct address and take it to its original destination. I decided to go with the latter. So, a few hours and a few more erroneous train transfers later, I finally made it to the potluck--albeit late--but still in time to feed the drunken and hungry masses.

I Can Haz Recipes?

Just a few suggestions for the recipes...

--Please send in as many recipes as you like. There is no limit!
--Feel free to include a story of how you came upon this recipe (created it from scratch? passed down from generations in your family? or just yoinked from your favorite website) or just plain why you love it
--Any tips, suggestions, or comments from other friends will be appreciated too!
--Also let me know if you'd like to include a link about you, your website, blog, music page, or anything you think people should know about.


Welcome to

Hey Guys and Gals...

This blog's title "Someone else's fries" based on the theory that french fries are almost always better if they're someone else's.  Running with that idea, I'm constantly trying to gather recipes from friends. There are a few reasons I wanted to this:

--First, I consider these recipes to be tried and true--it takes all the guess work out of trying to look for *the perfect* recipe. Plus, I'm lazy.
--Secondly, and somewhat selfishly, it'll let me compile a collection of recipes to maybe put in a book later on down the line. 
--Thirdly, the original idea of "breaking bread" is still there; however, with the internet, it's even better. I wanted to share stories between like minded people. Even though you may not know each other, hopefully you'll find something to identify with--either through personal stories or even through the recipes themselves. 

And with that, let's get cookin! 


P.S. Bear with me as we're all on a journey while I figure out exactly what this *food blog/thing* is!