Monday, January 14, 2013

Chinese Beef Noodle Soup x Kat C.

Kat is also a good friend from the high school days. She, her sisters and cousins have a volunteer organization called Boobs4Food that is "committed to bridging passion for food & the passion to fight hunger." I encourage anyone to help out, either with Boobs4Food or your local volunteer organizations.

With that, here's her recipe for Chinese Beef Noodle Soup! Thanks Kat!
so this recipe is for chinese beef noodle soup. not the most precise of recipes but then what really good chinese dish comes with an exact recipe. you can basically make it your own. trust me, it is pretty easy.

definitely play around to taste:
if you like spicy (add dried chili pods)
if you like more tomato-y (add more tomato or use less if you want a thinner broth). the amount of tomato determines the body of the soup/broth.
if you like more emphasized licoricey flavor, add another anise or two
if youre feeling lazy, leave the tomato seeds in
you get the point

shank meat is best
get 1-2 shank on bone to help flavor the stock
rest can be boneless shank
butcher can cut it up for you so you dont have to do it at home

boil w/ some ginger/smashed garlic heads, skim the scum, drain the meat but save the water

in wok:
oil, sliced ginger, scallion whites - stir fry this to get flavor
add dark soy, chili or chili paste, red chili pods

stir fry the beef to coat/brown
add water/skimmed beef water to cover
add tomatoes (scoop seeds out), scallion greens, rock sugar, star anise

simmer 4+ hrs. meat should be tender.

get the ones from ranch 99 in the refrigerator section where u get tofu etc. clear bag, blue writing. should come in thin and wide options. made in taiwan. freeze if you dont use all right away.

to serve:
noodles in bowl, top w/ some meat, broth, garnish with scallions, cilantro (and pickled mustard greens aka suan cai). Garnish per your preference.

good luck!

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