Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Burgogi Burger x Erik Otto

Erik and I were in the same Animation/Illustration classes in college. Please do yourself a favor and check out his work here: http://erikotto.com/

One of his ventures outside of art was in the local SF food scene.

What follows is his and his friends' recipe for their Burgogi Burger!

Thanks, E! Fire it up!
As you already know, Burgogi Burger is where my mind and time has been at. Here's my contribution...let me know if you need anything more from me on your new venture. 

The back story...
Four guys on a foggy Labor Day weekend got together to celebrate a birthday. As the day was coming to a close and the ingredients ran dry, a spontaneous mixing session of leftovers unknowingly gave birth to an all new taste that everyone instantly fell in love with, the Burgogi Burger. That evening changed the course of their lives and 4 days later they had a logo, website, aprons, and all the cooking gear necessary to take their new found recipe to the streets. Needless to say, the taste speaks for itself and the positive feedback is what keeps the team on their feet as they continue to recreate the day it all began for all to enjoy.

the recipe:
1 grilled handmade burger patty with garlic and green onions
2 small pieces of Bulgogi (marinated pork)
Kim Chi
1 fried egg
topped with a spicy aoili (sriracha + japanese mayo)
on a toasted sesame seed bun


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